Friday, September 22, 2006

so per my blog, this is one area where i could stand to focus myself a bit. (yeah? fashion-artsie-techie-foodie-fanatical me? focus?)

i'm going to try something new, and actually themetize my blog. you can dress up too in genre, costume-party-esque, that's always a thrill.

let's try it out for a month, shall we? my personal interjections will crop up here and there, assuredly.

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ah, life as a freelancer. sitting at the kitchen table, sipping a huge mug of blueberry tea, and working to downtempo. not much to complain about here :) except maybe the fact that it's absolutely FREEZING in the apartment (already time to whip out the handknit socks?) and that, oh, i'm continually reminded that healthcare benefits only go to the fulltime-tied. i'm still working on that one. let us wish for no pedestrian accidents, for this week at least.

speaking of which, i had this bizarre dream last night where i was just about to exit outside (a building? a subway station?) but stopped in my tracks when i noticed numbers of bodies collapsed on the ground. i turned around and asked someone, 'whats going on?' and apparently there was this incredible official group effort to shoot down pretty much everyone walking around for a sanctioned amount of time. apparently i was safe if i stayed indoors, but i was really confused, incredulous, and amazingly freaked out. from the inside looking out, i just cowered and heard the mysterious shots outside and falling bodies. it was as if there were snipers covering every possible coordinant. no explosions, no otherwise war-torn strangeness. merely a quick, strange, silent demise.

so this week has been really great! pick up an issue of the weekly dig if you have a chance; i'm so thrilled to be contributing style clips to pretty much the most brilliant paper publication in boston. check out my writeup on HABIT, and my running total should always be accessible through a search of my name.

i'm also embarking on a fantastic lifestyle production mobile media contract right now. not yet sure how much to disclose in these initial times, but you will definitely here more about it (is that an understatement?) very, very soon. :)

did i mention that i was interviewing with louisboston for a visual merchandising position? fierce fabrication! if you havent been to this place, you must go. the store is pretty much a boutique in the skin of a museum, immaculate, dramatic, postmodern. fantasy and luxury at its finest. i was extremely enthused and surprised that they were interested (it really was one of those 'drop off your resume and we'll call you' kind of circumstances), but unfortunately the work timing and situation wasnt ideal for the immediate moment. however, i'm still very much giddy and pleased! redemption, perhaps, that i am capable of doing what i love and what i want. we shall see if there might be more to mention about this in the future...

apologies i've been blogging most boringly about, well, my stuff, but i'll sort things out and figure out an ideal theme for this forum. i havent knit in weeks, i've been working out in unpublicized nature (can you believe that i'm shrinking?), and i'm thoroughly and professionally encapsulated in boston lifestyle. not to mention sneaking moments back to lab to poke old researchmates and abuse the laser printers. alum perks? ;)

which reminds me, new sans serif. lots of house to get yourself bizzy dancing to. i got an email from a listener in allston who claimed that i 'keep his ipod *on ice* all week long'. i wonder if it ends up melting during those intense venetian snares cum otto von schirach sets that i often get so fond of...

get ready for the boston knitout + crochet on sunday! see you for the free swag and the needle-wielding boston commonites.

more later on tribal bellydancing, cosmestic camaraderie, and michel gondry. à tout a l'heure!

Monday, September 11, 2006


i wont go into flourished explanation, but suffice to say, i think there's definitely an inversely proportional relationship between content of this blog and content of my life. (makes you wonder how exciting things were back when i was posting 3x a day...)

as inspired by the new york magazine's daily fashion updates during OMG ITS NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, here are glimpses into my gloriously fabulous life from days past in quadtych. some immediate news-you-can-use, though: what's up with me?

well, i'm still doing homepage graphics for mit's spotlights, but the penultimate venture is working at the newbury location of STIL. you must must must come visit if you're ever strolling the newb. i'll hook you up with the most feminine and modern danish clothes EVAR. the owner betty riaz is fabulous and really knows her schtuff. it's transformative. some of the brands we feature now are manoush (the belted english waistcoast is adorable in a french accent), rützou (lots of embellishments), and get your double-vowel quota in with the clean lines of bruuns bazaar.

captions for the below are pending. updated later in the day, promise. my flickr might lend a clue.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

blogging sure feels different on a new macbook. :) pristine, white, and dangerously shiny.

i promise for some photos to come, of dinner at east coast grill, an early evening stopover at the brand-new all-star sandwich bar, and friday's spree of funkyzeit festivities. i have to do some serious flickring and over-due blogging, but i'm sure it'll all be worth it! you'll feel redeemed with the pix of amazing international fashion magazine spreads that i'll share with the internet audience...

new sans serif! you know you want to clicky clicky. hear me completely overpronounce french names and hear the next best zero 7 remix this side of the pond. i got to revisit some old favourite artists with new stuff, including portishead, bt (you have no idea how obsessed i was with mister brian transeau), and basement jaxx.

btw, since i'm starting out on a clean slate with my computer, i'm wondering if i should change rss newsreaders. on my other machine, i used rssowl exclusively, a generally robust and open source application, despite its strange quirks to abort abruptly while losing a lot of recent changes since the last official application launch. however, i may be up for something new, either browser-, web-, or standalone-based. any strong feelings toward one or another? thanks!