Saturday, November 18, 2006

is there a word that describes the simultaneous sensation of being completely exuberant and completely exhausted? i'm a writer, right? so i should be able to derive these things easily, we'll see...

anyway, i'm personally cached for about a week. here's some fun stuff from last weekend, a two-day dip down to soho / nolita / east village.

(or should it be eat village? mmmm)

highlights: beautiful mexican propane stoves, a matrix of $50 cashmere, an aerobed-bearing host, sweet potato shochu, slurping xiao lung bao, cheap coffee at endless chinese bakeries, no metro, fung wah loses to lucky star, a robot talent show, 3-for-2 sapporo, sushi meets salami, pink machine trumps human, soho retail trumps art, tummy-salvation brunch, and tucking in to sleep soundly after one of the most beautiful days in the world.

* perhaps i'm electrocuted. isnt both energy and aftermath apparent? maybe electrocution à la mode. that sounds a bit more sophisticated.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

we are crazy. i woke up at 6:45am this morning so i could stand outside on drizzly newbury street for two hours before the masses were unleashed onto the viktor & rolf collection at h&m.

i'd say we were about #7 in line. one guy behind us was mentioning that he was so excited he showed up at the store at 5am, saw no one was there, got embarassed, and left to return later on. how hilarious is that? at least i can reassure myself that i'm not the most pathetic fashion victim in the city...

this is sam mendoza, of jetom clothing and stil cohort. he was pretty disappointed that the V&R bowties werent for sale, but he did snag some pretty sexy underwears.

by the way, see that wedding dress? yeah, YEAH? :)

here i am! here is sam! we're damp, sleep-deprived, and chomping at the bit. surveying the crowd, we're getting ready to whip out the brass knuckles if circumstances necessitated.

you think we're kidding, dont you? ;) intense, people, intense.

e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a . e u p h o r i a .

euphoria because of this:



(+ other goodies, will dish details soon)

if you're unfamiliar, this is from viktor & rolf's a/w06 collection:


the wedding dress is everything you would dream it to be. and designer. and not that expensive. and ultrarare. and complete with a *full train*. i'm literally on cloud nine.

some tidbits...

note #1: it's number 924 out of 1000 limited edition dresses ever made EVER
note #2: heartbreaking design AND materiality; it's 100% SILK inside and out!
note #3: boston only had THREE wedding dresses total; two on the racks and one displayed in the window
note #4: i was waiting outside on newbury street for 2 hrs before opening; everything in the V&R collection was pretty much inhaled in about 15 minutes after the doors opened

disclaimer #1: i am *not* planning to get married anytime soon
disclaimer #2: i'm not sure yet whether to wear it, save it, sell it, or ebay it; it is luckily my size so there are possibilities!
disclaimer #3: i can have a very, very competitive spirit :)

drool and take in the gorgeous viktor & rolf for H&M collection here + observe the mêlée in nyc h&m here via nymag

p.s. sorry it's been so quiet here on the blog, but i've been busy making sweet pink lemonade! for starters, you can check out my dispatch from the MFA Paris Collections gala on the weeklydig blog. dont miss the photographs, i'm especially proud...