Friday, March 11, 2005

this has to be one of the most stupendous days of my life!

my adorably electrocuting jellyfish, flickerminick, has been unleashed to the masses. this is an unexpected sneak preview to an unveiling at the crawlspace gallery in two weeks. more on that later.

[read more about flickerminick's fiascos and flourishings on my projex page]

make magazine, published by o'reilly, is one of the coolest, geekiest DIY publications out there. the premiere issue features a prominent article on prof. gershenfeld's fab lab vision and a whole spread on our how to make [almost] anything final project exhibition.

thank you, jerry, for telling me about it at teatime today!

lovely, lovely. [she's so happy, in her shiny pinkish way.]

morning. the snow yields easily, like velvet chicken. i unbutton my coat.

it's so warm all of a sudden...

i know, sadly. i think the last snow to hit boston is over.

it's practically mid-march. but you never know. the sky holds surprises.

he laughs knowingly.

and now, lo, the blizzard. snow has never fallen so beautifully.