Wednesday, September 29, 2004

wrapped in silent elegance
beautifully broken down
as illusions burst
too late to learn from experience
too late to wonder how
to finish first

- zero 7, home

Monday, September 27, 2004

mmm, perhaps i should come into my office (NE18-4F!) at 9 instead of 10 in the mornings. i usually put on streaming WERS while i'm here (the emerson station, easily my favorite thing on the radio in boston), grooving to jazz oasis, with billie, louis, and diana lulling me into a soulful mood. but right now, at the tail end of the coffeehouse set, i've heard the most bizarre, yet amazing tracks. can you imagine dolly parton singing a cover of "shine"? i couldn't place it at first although it was definitely familiar. whooa o ooa o o, heaven let your light shine down, a one-hit wonder originally belted out by rockers collective soul. and now, i was just blown away by a cover of bjork's all is full of love (just listening to it makes me melt; i have the cd with the plaid remix and the seductive metasexobot video) by an indie rock band, death cab for cutie.

i am not the same person i was an hour ago.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

to dance with fate.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

since i've been mincing a lot of words lately, here are some photographs to make up for the missing thousands...

went with josh and his dad to the feast of st. anthony's, which happened to be on my birthday. sights of dollar bills stuck to the saint and bitings into juicy sausages. licked some delectable gelato (double combo of pistachio and mint chocolate chip, a festival of green, reminding me of prettier times) and took in a gorgeous view of the harbor, perched on the outskirts of an abandoned parking lot. on the ride home on the T, the train driver happened to be one of those peppy, chatty types, and before i knew it, the entire ridership of the green line managed to sing me "happy birthday." i blushed through the whole thing, but loved every second of it.

last weekend, our greek hall counselor threw a huge gastronomic bash featuring souvlaki, tetrazini, and about a couple hundred pounds of feta sprinkled onto any imaginable surface. truly yummy. i was showing off my gorgeous cambridge view out my window to a friend and was treated to this brilliant sky. later on, went to see a bunch of short films at copley on the second night of the boston film festival. my favorite was a pseudo 1950's-style black-and-white musical number called 'rent-a-person,' in which a men's restroom attendant finally figures out a way to find happiness. [it answers the question of who those people are in the photograph when you buy picture frames. you wonder sometimes, don't you?]

home sweet home. although, i have a better duvet now (burgundy dupioni silk!) and one day will manage to get some furniture that will satisfy my high standards of aesthetics. just waiting for the right moment to finally acquire my le corbusier chaise longue, vintage eames desk, and piet mondrian original. eat your heart out, pottery barn.

one last long night of typing and tarrying. post-pizza and newcastles at dudley house; brings back memories of the unfamiliar. do you remember, j? strum your bass for me. [i go through all this... before you wake up... so i can feel happier.]

met an insane amount of people over the last two weeks, and still sorting out the social sentiments of it all. just got reinspired to keep up my blog (thanks to my two-degree connection to ivrea); nothing stirs up my envy more than a coherent and cross-referenced collection of online writings. my mas projects will be documented up here, soon, too. once i get that going, it will be a beautiful moment, indeed.

i miss my string quartet.

today i went to my first bhangra class and shrugged my shoulders with abandon. [oh yea.] we learned some steps with descriptives such as "wheat," "serving," and "bird," and kicking and wrist-flailing to the beat becomes amazingly tiring, yet addictive. i can't wait to test out my moves at some underground punjabi club or something. now i finally feel gratified after living vicariously through 'bend it like beckham.' wedding party, look out.

to do: art deco show at the mfa, cake at orpheum, visit the new opera house, dinner at tamarind bay, render in blender, find more viola repertoire, get a sofa, and l'orfeo posters.

[btw, i snagged the nara. she skis so prettily, too.]

Friday, September 10, 2004

by the way, soya bean milk with grass jelly refreshes the senses, with quick sips and long draws. funny how something with such substance can flow so easily. to the infatuated heart, no less.

so here we have, on exhibit A:

Mr. DOB�the copyrighted, animated character in this 1995 painting by Takashi Murakami titled And then and then and then and then and then �has features that appear mouse-like to Westerners but were inspired by a cartoon character with monkey- like qualities originating in Hong Kong. Murakami created Mr. DOB to appeal to a universal audience through a recognizable Japanese quality: kawaii, or being "cute." [mfa]

and now, exhibit B:

Preferring miniature, delicate items such as toothpicks, candies, and nails, Sze ingeniously transforms these everyday trifles into the armatures of her gravity-defying, spindly erections that zigzag their way into the heights of her spaces, slicing the air simultaneously while countering the horizontal thrust of their abutting floor assemblages. Through these playful tableaux of bric-a-brac, Sze addresses weighty issues such as architecture and meaning, commodities and waste, consumerism and identity, balance and perception, expansion and chaos. When first viewing Near Site from afar, one expects to encounter upon closer inspection a delicate ink landscape, but what one encounters instead is a two-dimensional version of one of Sze's jerry-built spires teeming with an impossibly congested, raucous population of anonymous stick-figure inhabitants. Each is preoccupied in urban dramas, and all are unknowingly on the brink of teeter-tottering into an undifferentiated heap. Though Sze strips her vertical city of its protective walls, she does not necessarily render a judgement upon her Lilliputian citizens. What she reveals to us, however, is her keen voyeuristic gaze and eye for minute detail. Most importantly, she rewards those who inspect her work closely. [MIT list visual arts center]

finally, over here, exhibit C:

White Fujiyama Ski Gelande. In his artworks, Nara�s undertakes the interpretation of the actual social and political situation, and believes that the most important function of art is to provoke some kind of a reaction, to exert some influence or to deliver criticism on society and the social phenomena. Nara uses children and animals as subjects in his art works, expressing his envy of the wilful behaviour displayed freely by both subjects. Instead of burying emotions inside like most adults, children are able to show all their sorrow and happiness truthfully. Loneliness forms a recurrent theme in Nara�s art: the loneliness of childhood with its feelings of isolation, frustration, anger and fear. His paintings often create a world of seclusion with the character placed in an empty backdrop. Yoshimoto Nara uses art to explore urban themes in an engaging and diverse way. The architectural environment of the constantly changing and growing Japanese metropolises and in the novelties of consumer goods defines the present world for Nara and his works direct attention to the undesirable phenomena. The sculptures allow him to create his reality from his two-dimensional paintings, a dreamy and secluded place that is both sad and intriguing. [

by next week, one of these will be mine, adorning the pristine white overhead. who will the lucky one be?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

[call me fine, because i'm way overdue.]

black lab tables at the miracle of science. please pass the lemon; i'm a curious citrus. radiohead, the civil war, european rivers, franz ferdinand, ground new with the growing gorilla. unexpected flowing tonight, sparking from a five-hour nap. inspiration seeps from all corners, maybe turned-head, sinking swiftly into the deep blue sea.

i'm a condiments kind of girl.

yesterday, had a fine day swimming in the clear waters of zesiger, followed by a spritz and sonoma at grendel's with josh. salsa to make you smile. cerulean conversation. tinker tinker, the gorgeous thinker.

even better, a 3o mile drive for the most succulent fried food around. clam strips, scallops (scull-ups!), onion rings, fries, enough breading to last a century but tastebud seduction bordering on revelation. tartar and tabasco, dip into... han and i are chowhounds, partners in crime. next victim: vietnamese sandwiches.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

three things ominously broke in the course of the day:

1. the framing glass of the chicken, artwork of infinite sentimental value; tipping over onto the sidewalk between unloading the car and propping onto dollies

2. my gorgeous, voluptous white norwegian vase i selected from abodeon, the beloved vintage store on mass ave near porter square; found shattered into pieces upon opening one of my storage boxes from the summer

3. my hope for a good night's sleep. i still can't locate my pillows.