Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ta-da, looky here... it's done! my first hat. :) granted, i cheated a bit... none of this going-circular or juggling-three-needles business, just straight-up double-strand ribbed knit in alternating colors. however, i'm proud of my relatively steady pace, having only started on saturday afternoon after a fun roly-poly pawing through woolcott + company. next step: fabricating a matching scarf. but not too matchy matchy. [goodness no.]

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

i cannot express how much wonder i find in the way people are linked. play telephone, with concentric circles, and watch the radii spout across the domain. this is how l.g. and s.s. and i tied together, laces binding dance shoes and sparkling nights, tangled in mathematical hair and next steps.

thursday evening, after a quickie run to target (scratch + sniff illustrating its effectiveness; vanilla-mint!], went to watch the incredibles for $3 at boston common, and beelined to avalon for thurs hiphop night. the triumvrate of daring darlings, running into the wakes of r.d.g. and a.h. [let's just leave it at that]. we were univited to the canadian party, but partook in sugared strawberries and elevated booty shaking. the best, and soon to be worst, part of the night was discovering the boudoir. made it home safely, basking in the aftereffects of eyecandy and chilly breezes.


friday: lunch at middlesex with n.k., snow snow snow slush wet snow, ti meeting, pearlpaint pokings, drooling over ubersleek design-porn magazines, late-night duet readings, pat on the cat, sleep.

saturday: sewed up coat, woolcott adventure, yarning and spinning and knitting, a drive to chestnut hill, icy sidewalks and warm hidetalks, snug proceedings, salty pods and wasabi suicide, point at infinity, musicmusicmusicmakesmemelt, assembling the army, gatsby and daisy make a dashing appearance, stirred drinks and shaken polaroids, costumes creativity galore, fabric-absorbing touch, stockinged-feet sashay, boston before the dawn. come in, where it's warm. dragonflies aflutter.

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. . . . .

putting all the vegetables away
that you bought at the grocery store today
and it goes fast
you think of the past

suddenly everything has changed

so much inside. joy, folly, resentment, intrigue, regret, nostalgia, pride, adventure, idealism, pity; madnoiseofitall. normalize to a simmering numbness. spoon stirs the soup, as the diner starves softly...

not that the waters havent been roiled before. but now, perhaps the ocean is raining down, tadpoles bloodied on the pavement. i'm sorry, so sorry. i wish it were otherwise... wishing refuge for the green.

forgive me.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

in celebration of winter whites.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the mathematics of patterned scarf knitting.

"This particular implementation places the scarf width w in dependency on the desired length l, and number and proportions of each stripe. This can result in an undesirably narrow width w. A more practical application allows the user to fix an approximate l and w based on empirical knowledge, and allow the stripe proportion factor r or the number of stripes n to fall where they may. In this manner, a scarf of useful dimensions is generated, with similar characteristics to the idealized product."

hee. stripe proportion factor. :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

two most brilliant things witnessed today:

while doing a little research on underwater lighting and other sorts of suspended magicks, unfurled the breathtaking works of aquagallery, a tel-aviv based furniture+lighting design group. ayala serfaty is the brains behind the beauty, inventive designer-by-accident and supermom. i've been surfing through the site, and the forms are so graceful, striking, weightless. some favs are the blondie zee globules of light, satala hammock (pictured above; put one on my wishlist!), double peaches loveseat all peach-fuzzy, and the fresh table (i like how lemony velvet sounds). this chick is a huge inspiration... i wonder if she might be looking for more designers later on... will keep on the radar. simmer, simmer soft.

stumbled upon the homestarrunner wiki (courtesty of boingboing), which might well be the only site to surpass the original website in terms of procrastination potential. everything and all homestar, indexed, combed over, comprehensive! imagine the heart-stopping moment when i read that homestar (and marshie, that fluffy freak) made a surprise guest appearance via puppetry at a they might be giants concert in september. aaah! everybody knows it! everybody knows it's true! all resplendent with two-eyes-on-one-side-of-face. cute cute cute. i just want to go up and hug his soft white adorable stupidity. and naturally, he'll hug back in his signature armless way. somehow. heehee.

squeaky clean, ready to take on the evening in stride. that is, as much as i can with an icepack on my swell, the wallowing in heart aura, and galaxies fading into black.

this weekend i had a dream that i found shards of glass in my mouth. was i swallowing bits of broken mirrors, goblets asmash, pained windows? i tried to clear my throat, but the particles kept reappearing, an abrasion along my tongue, cheeks. miraculously, i dont remember any blood, but the clear, sharp fragments persisted, dancing about, tickling, scratching raw tissue.

[the gym is great for letting off steam. as sweat pours, catharsis occurs. exude the pain, lift the pride, slam the evils. burn the energy that would otherwise be spent ruminating over past ills.]

last night, with a tiny bit of fancy nervousness and a bit of girlish curiosity, met with r.w. (not that one, this one) at grendel's and had an enjoyable little outing over warm-spicy hot toddy (1798 Root's Amer. Law Rep. I. 80 For giving her a dose in some toddy, to intoxicate and inflame her passions., yay for the OED). intrigued by the cosmopolite, but even more encouraged by interests:whitespace, nerdy foibles, and photographic obsession. his smile melted my ice-cubes.

earlier on sunday, went to the collisionsix exhibit at art interactive in central square, the last day of the installation. not only were there a smattering of medialabbies showing their work, but also further motivated by the company of a.z. a wide range of mixed media work, from hayes' urinal hamster (and new shoot-em US election version!) game, to this creepy but completely mesmerizing pneumatic bionic log that looked horrifically alive. my favs included the altoids box soundscape, particularly the circular sequential motor circuit. the disc rotated slowly, calmly, as the boxes obediently chattered in a row. also, the bunnies were great, touch-wise. a series of inflated bunnies (each individually puffed with a fan), floppy ears and all, were scattered on the floor. if you squeezed one, it yielded to your touch, deflating easily. (the weightless air-squeeze feels amazingly satisfying...) but then, if you watch carefully, the surrounding bunnies also deflate slightly, seemingly out of empathy, a pitifully adorable ripple effect. the accompanying airline-safety-esque vector graphics of generia poking themselves within an ocean of white rabbits was a nice touch, too.

perhaps inspired, i had this grand idea of using human capacitance in an eating scenario. so, you'd have a pair of chopsticks, lined with copper or gold tape near the fingers, dressed up fancy like expensive sticks you'd get in pudong (hee!). there'd be a plate of food (say, sushi), with each of the morsels dressed with an edible conductive material. i thought about using edible gold leaf (which you can get here, it's 23 karat!) to wrap around little rolls of sushi, sort of like adorning them with a tiny golden obi. glamour nori. i sometimes feel that when eating, the food doesnt really have a chance to defend itself, or at least actively participate in a civilized dialogue. so, as you'd go to pick up a roll, the close proximity would trigger vibrations in the other pieces, leaps of fear, perhaps, or maybe anticipation (i.e. the alien in toy story: i have been chosen. farewell, my friends... i go to a better place). i suppose that the agitations would most likely be triggered through pulsing magnets along the bottom of the plate... would the silver or gold obis be magnetically attracted at all? i wouldnt want somebody swallowing indigestible electronic components... hmm, perhaps a little extra iron filings (deftly woven into the grain of the nori, of course) wouldn't hurt anyone. the pieces could skitter, could run away, could run closer, could create some internal formation. maybe a secret piece could house an explosively powerful motor, unleashing itself in an obi-ripping rice-sputtering rage, self-destructing in sushi-style martyrdom.

[and you thought they were merely raw fish...]

other than french draaaaaaaaaaaaaagees, some other tasty options are edible silver almonds and edible gold almonds. shiny has never been so yummy. and electric.

had a little roommate bonding over flannel-lined pants tonight. always wanted a cozy pair, year after year, shaking my fist at the frozen skies, shivering in misery. oh, what divine pleasure to be had in soft, insulated pant-legs! and in a cute print, to boot! perhaps this year will be the year...

holiday brilliance: cmliu christmas via the lab machines. take that, ruby-resin chiasso! cool steel christmas wonderland @ franc franc. watch out, she'll be armed with a laser, and there's no knowing what she'll do...

but i always liked a good storm
i'm always good for a storm
this is cooling
faster than I can
hey yes, faster than I can
hey, this is cooling
this is cooling


Saturday, November 06, 2004

too tired to blink[y], and ankle looks like it could swallow manhattan. we're defaulting to blitzblogging tonight, folks.

in my incessant hunt for a winter coat, found a beauty at the garment district (my first time!) this afternoon. tucked within the 60's-70's room, the dark green wool, double-breasted coat sports the loveliest shiny brown buttons. looks similar to this (found on vintage70sclothing.com), except it's maxi-length (at least on me, heehee) and is much more huntergreenish. i like to think i have superpowers when wearing it. still lusting after a winter white coat, though. find my drool attached to the $350 fur-collared number at the benetton on newbury; style-wise, it's quite similar to the green one in its pseudo-militariness, but there's a touch of glamour with the fluff. now, to find the other $344.05 lying around...

this morning, thought of a cute TUI idea for data transfer. while musing on nature's perfect delivery systems, we admired the ant in all his dogged, collaborative, and intelligent modes of work. i mean, try to set up a picnic, and watch the armies come. straight as an arrow, the line of ants walk dutifully towards the target. reliable, inevitable process. what if you could use the ants as conductive material, or as vessels for data packets? say that i have a file on my machine here that i want to transmit to your machine there. just prepare a nice moist slice of dark chocolate cake, set it on a smart plate that's linked to your system, and i'll then unleash my bugs. perhaps the formic acid critters could live through a bathing experience in some sort of copper solution. so they'd march, slowly but steadily, to their supper. once they finally assemble onto the plated cake, the transfer completes, the file exists through the connection of all the ants, and they fall lifeless as the electrical charge completes their purpose. and look! a data transfer with an ephemeral medium, and you get to eat yummy, protein-enriched cake. i dont think it gets much better than that.

[turtle. harry o's. pumpkin muffin.]

too bad i left my knitting needles back at home. will retrieve come thanksgiving. time to hit up woolcott and make myself a sexy cowl or something. any ideas?

cleaned out my wallet tonight of all the little bits and pieces that find their way inside somehow, and out tumbled receipts for dinners at big bowl, and joy-yee's. yes, i'll have a beer. the boys will have water. and please, i'll take the check, thank you very much. with a smile at each elbow, i relish a powerful feminine presence at the dinner table. ;) also, mango ice drinks and eel-topped noodles, perched on wooden soup-bowl-etched stools. take a sip before i fly away. hurry, hurry.

before that sweetness leaves your lips, i'll be gone.

good night. aussie wishes you sweet dreams, too.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

she's back.

you might wonder what caused the hiatus. contrary to popular belief, i was not the curious figure dangling from the city lightposts, never to be seen again. however, an adventure still befell.

in a nutshell, i breathed in the sunshine, bit the ground, flew the skies, dozed on silks, touched the shiny, baked the spicy, and kissed the fuzzy.

sadly, i dont have a picture of myself on crutches, but you can only imagine the pity they invite! it amused me how i managed to get a halloween costume in a timely fashion... you wouldn't want to get near my rods of mobility, if you know what i mean.

to me, coming from you,
friend is a four letter word.
end is the only part of the word
that I heard.

coincidence strikes once again. upside-down christine cake, sweet drizzle, pear'd.


so i think the beets totally worked. :)

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