Wednesday, November 03, 2004

she's back.

you might wonder what caused the hiatus. contrary to popular belief, i was not the curious figure dangling from the city lightposts, never to be seen again. however, an adventure still befell.

in a nutshell, i breathed in the sunshine, bit the ground, flew the skies, dozed on silks, touched the shiny, baked the spicy, and kissed the fuzzy.

sadly, i dont have a picture of myself on crutches, but you can only imagine the pity they invite! it amused me how i managed to get a halloween costume in a timely fashion... you wouldn't want to get near my rods of mobility, if you know what i mean.

to me, coming from you,
friend is a four letter word.
end is the only part of the word
that I heard.

coincidence strikes once again. upside-down christine cake, sweet drizzle, pear'd.


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