Monday, July 02, 2007

there are so many sources of happiness. like trickles into that great damning mouth of sustenance. i've created and destroyed and sustained... with particles of sand still sticking to skin, despite a week's worth efforts. tanned arms giving it away. glasses of cognac, unclaimed, oysters drowning in neglect. unseen efforts; does consumption claim its worth?

argyle, at least 30 years of warmth. leathers and wools and lines and angles and... and... and acknowledgement. can 30 days mean just as much?

an afternoon of constructed pleasures, a sugared distraction. frantic fingers. digital dabblings. inexplicable productivity. unexpected companies.

deflection of monstrosities and redemption for my choosings.


Blogger T-shirts Teesforyou said...

It seems so good...
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11:33 PM  

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