Tuesday, May 01, 2007

welcome to my weekend.

fantastic backyard barbeque in mattapan, accessorized with several visiting balls o' fluff:

chocolate and beer and several samples from the wine jukebox, oh my. (read my review in the dig)

a comforting tuck-in with dear friends and lots of suishaya goodness (non-sushi pix taken by new-lens-owner carl):

treasures from 1920 that i picked up at mcintyre + moore, post-veggie-chili-brunch:

oldskool dj set by none other than amon tobin. i giddily felt like i was back in 1997, twitching 'n glitching. (see the phoenix's preview for the show)

+ + microcosm darling morgan packard and superdraw at enormous room last niiight... so tiiight...

p.s. ridiculously mixed sans serif show last night. mia doi todd has rendered my heart transfixed yet again.

p.p.s. take me, add sunshine, watch happiness grow.


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