Friday, April 20, 2007

the best story i've heard all day, from my friend mark:

Did I tell you about the time my dad brought home oysters and gave them to my brother and myself as "pets"? I remember him saying, "You guys have always wanted pets, so take good care of them."

"But'''s an ugly grey rock."

"Well if you don't want them then we'll just cook them and eat them instead."

"Noooooooo we love them, you can't eat our pets!"

But in the end it's hard to love a pet that just sits in the refrigerator so they were eaten.

[as for me, i am bountifully excited about the cambridgeport maricultural event going down tomorrow night with friends... grilled oysters on cardboard tables, yum yum]

my friend karl is performing his choreography work + cello skillz tonight at the ICA tonight in CRASHarts Presents: Ten's the Limit. great preview writeup and profile published in the boston herald yesterday. i'm looking forward to a delightful night of dinner + drinks at lucky's followed by modern dance.

btw, yesterday i committed myself to become a member of the ICA. i'm foreseeing many more decades of enthusiastic arts patronage, 'til i am sprightly and grey...


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