Tuesday, April 10, 2007

happy belated easter and pasquetta. i needed some time to recover from this:

sunday we celebrated with friends and were guests of some amazing italian hosts who feasted us fantastically with nonstop procession of food, festivity, and fenestration. (seriously, we had a great view of the city from our sunny situation.)

check out the flickr set for more details, but it was an elaborate production (we charmed ourselves at the table for seven hours) with foodstuffs including:
  • bowls of green and black olives
  • caprese salad
  • proscuitto-wrapped melon
  • nuts and chips
  • saucisson
  • terrines of paté
  • hard and soft cheese
  • lots of sparkling wine
  • crusty and chewy breads
  • crunchy fresh veggies
  • spaghetti al dente with marinara, shrimp, mussels
  • lots of pinot grigio
  • eggplant mélange dressed with EVOO
  • sliced zucchini with mint
  • enormous prawns sautéed in lemon, garlic, armagnac
  • entire roast rack of lamb
  • refreshing romaine salad
  • lots of chianti
  • grilled swordfish steaks
  • roast potatoes and tomatoes
  • an assortment of sweets
  • colomba cake in a pink box
  • chilled limoncello
  • sips of armagnac
suffice to say, it was an occasion.

i am so thankful to be among friends, be healthy and happy, and adore these spontaneous and sustained social connections.

one cannot imagine living without them.


Blogger Kim said...

That feast looks tremendous!

BTW, 80108 seems to be down at the moment. I'll check it out a little later.

1:28 PM  

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