Wednesday, April 12, 2006


in case you were undawares unawares, seamless was a fantastic fashion show that ate, happily and with great appetite, my energies only a few months ago.

check out the lovely article on seamless by jennifer smith tapp on four magazine, featuring never-seen-before shots by kate kunath and a neat-o interview with yours truly.

hugs to nick and lisa and everyone who made it terrific last year, this year, and will for many subsequent years ahead. get your soldering irons and sewing machines at the ready!

p.s. shout-out to miss diana and emily for their risd-powerhouse spankin' new dynamo-duo wicked smahd designs at black box nation. i am terribly jealous at everyone attending sanfran bazaar bizarre + maker faire this week! if you have a bone at your disposal, i would love to be the object of your throwage...


Blogger Shannon said...

I'll be sure to post photos from San Fran / MF, divine Miss C!

2:15 PM  

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