Thursday, April 06, 2006

you ready? listen to last night's knob-turnin', gypsy-synchopatin', signal-squelchin', sound-shapin' set. add a bit of cooling snaowflakes, mix in a little austrian acapella breakbeat, and get all up in your floccinaucinihilipilification.


hope you keep listening during subsequent weeks (my show is available as a music podcast on iTunes). i'm lining up some interviews and live sets with superfamouspeople (or, at least, whose music i've played on the show before) in the near future for sans serif.

my favourite discovery last night was vincent parker's bit rocker on fourthcity records. and check out his music tastes! how coincidental that i got vsnares' chocolate wheelchair on vinyl (on two discs) while scouring through the LPs at earwax last weekend in the bowels of brooklyn.

and you know how much i like chocolate in all forms...


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