Tuesday, October 10, 2006

in honor of the upcoming 2-part season 3 finale, here are a slew of shoes inspired by that tv-show-that-ridiculously-changed-the-course-of-my-life project runway:

for the best bitchyqueen judge that the runway could ever ask for:

MICHAEL by michael kors, harness pump, $142.95

i find it hilarious that he has three shoe lines, at least on zappos, which don't seem all that dissimilar and exhaust the variants on his name: MICHAEL, KORS, and (you guessed it) MICHAEL KORS.

in celebration of ny fashion week scandals stylishly inaugurated by kara saun in season one:

dollhouse, reona, $58.95

more often (and embarassingly) than not, i kinda like dollhouse. it's fun, girly, and though it closely straddles the border i think it manages to look more cute than hoochie. probably because it's marketed to pink-lipped teenyboppers, but no matter.

and in a bizarre fashion label kissing cousin of the self-titled magazine, here's a hip-hip-hooray to sweet cheeks nina garcia herself:

elle, nuit, $147.95

although i'm rooting for michael knight, by the looks of his bryant park showing the chances that he wins the final trophy look slim. between uli and jeffrey, i vouch for uli, because you canNOT let a mommy-hater become america's next great american fashion designer. :) so exciting... let the fun and games begin!


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