Monday, July 03, 2006

so much stuff to do and not so much time... many projects in parallel, an ever distracted metabolism, plus a melty-gross existence within our apartment sans a/c.

ah, yes, the welcoming arms of july!

anyway, some news and a little bit of website housekeeping. i've redirected to go directly to this blog, and i'm working on getting it moved off the blogspot servers and onto my own. also, if you really are dying to revisit the older stuff (like, uh, some of my revolutionary graphic design from 1999!) from the original site, there are links to it on the left-hand sidebar.

i have so much to share, though 'tis late and the network is being unbearably slow. however, perhaps i'll go in reverse chronological order (unfortch, that means that the sandwiched stuff gets last dibs) and make each post topic-specific.

we'll see how long i last tonight...


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