Saturday, July 01, 2006

nothing to kick off a holiday weekend like a blast of sunshine, a delectable spread of french toast, and an *amaaaaaazing* yard sale right on your block.

from my initial look-see this morning, and there are old vogue patterns, art magazines from the 60s, and a super-8 camera asnug in its intact leather case. there's swathes of itty-print calico, hostess 'tips' from the jell-o circa 1950s, and a supershiny red bike. and i got waysided by a vintage radio alarm, with art deco sparks adorning the ends of the clock hands. behind the table a sleepy-eyed black labrador, warm from the sun, wags his tail in moral support.

enough with delectable spreads. i will make a return trip with niknak and do my best to keep my head on straight. more later!


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