Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my website (on mit's servers) kept (and still continues to) throwing back a 403 forbidden error this morning. after a pretty inconclusive call to info services, i received this email:

This is Rene from the MIT Computing Helpdesk regarding your issue with access to your website. I can tell you that your site is on one of two servers listed as "most affected by deployment". You might have spotty access since they are working on these servers. Sorry for the inconvenience, but let us know if you have more problems.

sorry for the inconvenience? um, i wish they would have at least emailed us in warning so i could have been a little more prepared.

it's probably an ominous sign that i should redirect my website to something more surefire. i could put it on the media lab servers, which would (potentially) support me indefinitely. but will it still be on web? or rerouted to alumni? xenia? that's the trouble with relying on the school servers. you never know what's going to happen when you finally graduate...


Blogger honeybee33 said...

"most affected by deployment" - isn't that how Bush refers to the Reserves he's shipped over to Iraq? ;~)

seriously, the closer to graduation you get, the more you should start thinking about iWeb. I'm tellin' ya, it *rox* ... with your life of art/music/blogging/knitting? If you designed an application *yourself* just for your own needs, you couldn't do better ... head thee to an Apple store and check it out ...

~ hb33, not affiliated to Apple whatsoever, I swear ~

10:29 AM  

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