Wednesday, May 03, 2006

something awesome.

velle magazine.
Velle is a freethinking online culture magazine featuring creative-minded individuals and projects from around the world. Photo and design driven, Velle sets out to honestly present both established and emerging talent in fashion, design, art, music and literature. Blended with insightful journalism and compelling layout, Velle showcases contemporary culture through a unique perspective.

i am very excited that the editors are based in boston, and am looking very forward to the 'velle in 3d' exhibition opening in a week. here's another excuse for me to profess how much i love the dig.

my fav is the plug for firefox in the midst of the mag. mommy, that's meant for you!

nachrichtenagentur für avant-garde mode. in kürze online.
news service for avant-garde fashion. online soon.

video footage of european fashion shows and designer interviews. my alternafix for my lack of stylenetwork. good way to learn hip designy german, too!


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