Sunday, April 02, 2006

painting the town #FF0000.

i just returned from a two-day nyc getaway with niknak, where we consumed many a gallery, hipster, sammich, and, well...

... an adrenaline-producing cupcake experience at magnolia bakery in greenwich village. the queue into the bakery was about 25 people deep, and as we approached, one driving passer-by yelled exasperatingly out of her car, all that for a cupcake! when i finally was permitted inside by the quasi-bakey-bouncer, with my eyes closed and about seven people well within nose-distance, i plucked four buttercreamed beauties: vanilla cake + periwinkle frosting, chocolate cake + chocolate frosting, vanilla cake + buttercup frosting, and chocolate cake + lavender frosting. i paid at the cashier with a bill in one hand, and a mess of sprinkled buttercream in the other.

onto the cakes. supersweet overdollop, yes, but i am completely smitten with the moist cup of cakecake. that remaining one pictured above is a testament to my (and niknak's + my roommates'!) self-control.

more stories from nyc, but i thought i would start on a sweet note.


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