Thursday, March 16, 2006

voilà. new sans serif for your emusicolabiohydrotopological pleasure.

fancy new stuff that steal liucubed's <3:

yea big, a.k.a. stefan robinson.

wonderfully crispy glitchy busted dancefloor with enough textures in there to keep things surprising. it's playful and bizarre and spotless and deconstructed all at once, and by the way, there's a robot on the cover. yes, admittedly, now that i think about it it's kinda prefuse 73 esque, but the seque of minitracks on the album are an addictive progression.
Stefen Robinson’s Yea Big project spews outglitch-damaged beats with little breathingroom, letting tracks and sounds spew together in one uncoordinated splurge. It’s decidedly hip-hop in it’s own way, but the closest The Wind That Blows The Robot’s Arms gets to beat street is through charging, straightforward drum breaks—though they are overlaid with enough static, chopped-up instrumentation and other assorted noisiness to drive less Prefuse-damaged listeners to the breaking points. --CMJ
naturally, there's a yea big myspace where you can listen to track samples. will i ever get over my annoyance about automatically-loading audio on the web? every time i have an occasion to visit myspace i'm brought back to the cringing nostalgia of MIDI background audio that blared upon loading a homepage blinding you with the retina-razing array of animated gifs. i know from experience.

alif tree. he's french and the cd is all about the poetics of food. i'll take the downtempo vocals and a side of fennel fois gras, please...


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