Monday, March 12, 2007

torrential, torrential rain.

dampened spirits? oh no.
dampened body? yes.

nothing feels better than taking a taxi home and jumping immediately into a hot shower after being completely drizzled on by chilly overhang and leaky tarps at austin lounges with plenty of outdoor expanses. basically, out-and-about discomfort hits the threshold when your feet are sloshing in their shoes and your bare legs are wet with dirt clods, spilled soda, and recycled rainwater.

however, i had a fantastic day, including enjoying enchiladas at guero's (the chicken al carbon was delightfully seasoned with a refreshing oj-based marinade), meeting christine of pointy sticks (she had marzipan from mike's pastry in her trunk, totally by coincidence), watching 'does your soul have a cold?' (utterly poignant, the cinematographic rhythm at perfect cadence), going to the shortbus dvd party (i'll catch the panel with director john cameron mitchell tomorrow), seeing ze frank (once again) host the web awards with to-be-expected zaniness, and going to a party sponsored by!

excellent resident pulled pork, by the way.

i predict i will have incredible opportunity wasting even more time on the internets when i get back home: checking out all the sites nominated for a sxsw web award, plus watching back episodes of lonelygirl15 and arrested development, in addition to consuming the ugly betty season 1 dvd. i mean, this it total conjecture, and i probably could spend the hours instead doing much more meaningful things, such as updating my blog (speaking of which, tonight i met some reps and lavished my utter gratitude for the magic of blogging software) or solving fermat's last theorem or something.

but honestly, where would bree be without me?


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