Wednesday, August 09, 2006


where are the valley girls?

read this article on web 2.0 rockstars, and it'll all make sense. plus, check out the slide show. there's not one female, except for a ponytailed chick used as a styling implement.


from the title of the article (Valley Boys) to the overwhelming hetero-male culture ("Rose was mobbed by fans and even photographed signing a pretty brunette's cleavage"), what is up with that?

cheers to mena trott for six apart, but the gender disparity is just soooo ridiculous. i wonder why that is... maybe because women have something better to do than code 24/7 and throw everything (money, relationships, pride) down the tube for profit? i dont want to do reverse sexism here, but i'm just trying to figure this out.

"These aren't the khaki-clad MBA dropouts that clogged Highway 101 six years ago. They're the geeks who write code because they love tech and the Internet. "

i doubt any of the ladies were khaki-clad, ahem.

btw, shameless name-dropping: i lived in the same dorm as mark zuckerberg (of facebook fame) and was taking the same mathematics class as him (math152 methods of discrete mathematics with paul bamberg; best. class. ever.) when he was coding up facebook alpha. i was in the midst of a web 2.0 rockstar, whoaaa! i knew him when!

. . .

back to work. here's a pic of a well-dressed finn (from HEL looks) to distract you (thanks danielle!):


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