Thursday, August 03, 2006

mod floral print

i just snagged this gorgeous mod print from winmil yesterday for $2.98 / yd! they're really slashing prices on spring prints, so i'd jump on that. they also seem to carry a small selection (like 3 patterns, 2 colourways apiece) of cotton broadcloth (around the bend, near the neon nylon and shiny denims) that's a bit more modern for things like pillows or skirts or handbags.

this was the last 2 yards of the cutting. i really want to make a sassy little dress with this... any suggestions on patterns?

just looking online brieflly i found halter dress from mccalls, and similarly this halter dress and dvf-esque wrap dress from simplicity. my first issue is... i dont have enough fabric as called for on those patterns (i have 2 yards of a 50" wide piece, and i would need to make the 36" bust size). my second issue is... i like these styles but would probably more likely wear something that's bra-friendly. (you know what i mean.) i'd rather not get tangled in whatever contraption that's necessary to wear backless things. but what i like is the vintagey silhouette. simple but subtle.

please let me know of good sources, or a particular pattern you may have in mind. i'm also wondering if 2 yards is just cutting it way too close for a dress... hopefully i can do it!

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missing nara

my cutie-pie nara. it was her time to go.

i will miss her.


Blogger Rhonda said...

I just LOVE that material so much! I sent a pattern suggestion to you... from Simplicity website. I really think that pink number in this fabric would be really cute on you.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

A knitted bolero like this one in any one of the colors of your fabric would be super cute with that dress ...

9:57 AM  

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