Saturday, April 22, 2006

in and out like a flash!

[what's new?]

on thursday, the esteemable yarn harlot came to town, courtesy of porter square books and mind's eye yarns. to relay a dirty secret, i actually don't read the yarn harlot's blog regularly! eep! so a lot of the draw in going was to just take in the spectacle of all the boston-based knitters in their regalia, knitty madness, estrogen, etc.

there she is, in her lime green (yay!) kiri shawl and cracking knitting jokes left and right. i loved her story of telling the people at the cool music publicist party that, yes, i write books about knitting humor. [beat.] it's a niche market. hee.

and looky here, the mit knitters are gosh-darn famous!

read about last night's excursion with andrea to the fab fashion event on decor8. props to holly!

and then, today, i did a lot of things including cooking an all-organic meal (courtesy of earth day and boston organics), and this:


these socks are süper comfy and claim an eye-scorching hue, but they sure are difficult to photograph on the back of your leg! thank goodness this junior prom glass in the kitchen came in handy. for now on i will no longer be known as the weird roommate who knits; i will be the weird roommate who puts socks on the communal glassware. tasty.

but anyway, weirdness aside. ta-da... my second pair of socks! [how i love th' worsted yarn.]

pattern: gemma, from socks for sandals and clogs, anna zilboorg

yarn: lorna's laces shepherd worsted, irving park colourway, from kpixie

needles: size 3 circulars to get 7 sts = 1" gauge

numbers: 48 stitches circumference

method to madnes: toe-up, using turkish cast-on, and short-row heel. i learned my lesson and did the russian bind-off, which worked stretchily perfectly!

the yarn is extremely soft, though a little loosely spun, so it's prone to splitting. however, they feel divine on. and the orange. the orange!

more pictures later. i'm lazy, but they do involve cupcakes. stay tuned.

tomorrow: montréal or bust! go canada. anyone know cool stuff to do while i'm up there?


Blogger Theology Girl said...

Hello! I have a question. I'm from Boston, have never crafted a thing from yarn in my life, but would like to learn to knit. Where is a good place to start. Thanks, and cool blog. :-)

8:45 PM  
Blogger String Bean said...

I thought that was you in the picture on the Yarn Harlot's blog! I'm jealous!

Nice socks.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

You have to give me the scoop on Montreal yarn stores, we're s'posed to go on tour there in the fall! LOVE the socks!

8:23 PM  

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