Wednesday, September 21, 2005

yay! superhappybirthday to my big sis #1 today!

the picture above was taken in june 2003 when i went down to visit her in louisiana and we traipsed through the lush greens and pink petals of the new orleans botanical gardens. we also shared delights such as dining on warm gooey desserts at at commander's palace, spoiling her then-terrible-two-times-two-year-olds, and visiting the gorgeous residence of edgar degas.

not too sure when anyone, much less we, can enjoy the beautiful spots of new orleans anytime soon. time will tell. . . ... . .

my sister is the only person i know who can
  • pronounce yaourt (yogurt en francais) with great polysyllabic aplomb
  • rival me in nose-blowing-music skills
  • consume an entire cheesecake within one, slow, thoughtful, sitting
  • do the best impression of cookie monster
  • look amazing in purple
  • withstand life's unpredictable turns with love and courage
three cheers for gracie poo!


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