Monday, September 19, 2005

{ i hate the mbta i hate the mbta i hate the mbta i hate the mbta }*

*repeat ad nauseum

thank you, boston's amazing system of public transportation, for wasting a half hour of my life almost every morning. your schedules are completely worthless if you don't follow them consistently. as an abiding legs-only citizen, i have no choice but to rely on you... how can you have the heart to always let me down?

everytime this happens i either want to move to new york, defect to japan, or get a mini cooper. co-existing with the incompetencies of the mbta is a terrifying blight on the bright eye of boston.

okay. rant quota met for the day. back to work.


Blogger PlumTea said...

How about write to MBTA or Boston Globe with some of your time logs for their misgivings! Your writing reminds me of one winter day episode in front of a Bed & Breakfast in Somerville waiting for a bus ride to Davis Square station. I waited for one hour without signs of two supposed-arrived buses according to the schedule. Finally, I went back to the Bed & Breakfast place to ask for a ride (5 min.) to Davis station. The frustrated feeling is still vivid in my mind after 2 and half years!

7:15 PM  

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