Saturday, October 19, 2002

it's aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

blogger has been totally flakey in the last month or so. apparently my publishing template was tossed, trashed, terrorized by the secret demons that lurk. (a hacking incident? weeeeird, who wants to break into a bundleful of melodramatic, slippery, polysynthetic accounts of egotistical bloggers? someone with copious time for voyeuristic reading, i suppose, and an oozingly warm heart to sympathize accordingly. cry, you meandering electronic heathens, cry with me!)

so here i am, back and better than ever. the harvard pixelgirl is on the mark.

the regatta is at the head. charles. chucky? immensely lucky.

lots of things to tend to this weekend. paper, intiations, coding assignment, problem set, a diurnal roll of film. to think (!) of all the absent, ghostly blogs that went unsaid and unpursued in the past few weeks, my thoughts pure and complex and piercing as i, and only i, shall remember them. there's nothing more sad than a project that foregoes its very conception. (september, we shall miss you. think of us fondly, as in our youth.) but we brush off our scraped knees, tuck our hair behind our ears, and embark once again on les aventures de christine. snowy, how i've missed you!


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