Friday, August 23, 2002

amazing. i discovered that pandora (my computer's name; get it?) currently harbors more than 11 gigs of mp3s. wow. how did i amass such a collection? (and that's not even including my robust set of cds...) tonight i downloaded some fabulous new stuff: remixed jazz, cool-headed emo, kronos quartet, indie rock. i anticipate test-driving all this very soon. :)

tonight in my quiet little single suite (!!!), i took the opportunity to whip out my viola and practice in preparation for my orchestra reaudition in the fall. the silver folding music stand -- clink! -- assembled itself proudly in the middle of the common room, a fuzzy rug under its pokey rubber-tipped legs. i arranged vaughan williams' romance for viola and piano neatly on the ledge and began to play. low, tenuous melody. climaxes of resonant, high-ranging double-stops. light and dark in one sweet movement. a perfect piece.

sometimes, all you wish to do is close your eyes, and play.


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