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Sunday, February 17, 2008

the light outside today is clear, sunny and sharp as a tack ('she's touring the facility, and picking up slack'...). considering we've had some strange weather days of sno-nados and creepy apocalyptic heat, it's beginning to look a little rosier around here.

after a couple weeks of sore-throating-fatiguing-coughing my brains out, i'm beginning, as well, to see the therapeutic light. i went to the gym today after a long lethargic hiatus, and feel much better, with my training sessions picking up again this week and an impulsive massage super-early on wednesday morning. i can't wait until my trip back to my parents' in maryland, when i go home to get treated like the pwincess i ought to be. ;)

in technical news, my list of clips on my website is synchronized to the latest updates, and my radio show will continue to be aired on tuesdays 7-8pm be changed to thursdays 6-7pm EST starting this week on wmbr (both streaming live online and archived). get dancin'.

the dig's spring style guide will be coming out this wednesday, the 20th, which—with its merch sourcing and model seeking and photo shooting—has been a serious oeuvre of late. i hope everyone will enjoy it.

happy belated valentine's day.

and little black kitty jiji says gorogorogorohellooo...


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