Sunday, June 04, 2006

my socks that rock are taking an indefinite hiatus. i have a { *love* | #hate# } relationship with this yarn (and its seemingly welcoming but needs-exactly-what-she-wants-diva-esque colourway) that's veering very close to hate at this moment.

in a nutshell, i absolutely cannot stand any textural designs that are worked on this. my cables look like, well, a box of crapola 64. farmhouse is practically self-striping yarn. what do people usually do with self-striping yarn other than plain round-go-round? (and please dont suggest jaywalkers. that is a closed chapter, never to be opened again.) the yarn is doing too much! i want control, people, control...

so for now now i'm concluding that farmhouse just likes it plain (thankyouverymuch), in stockinette. boring, but the undeniable truth. however, i realised that on the instep i'm getting 7 sts = 1", not 8 as originally measured (the toe lies!) which, frankly, is probably too loose a gauge than i have going here. (usually i get 7 sts = 1" on worsted weight yarn socks!)

ergo, this WIP doesnt deserve any more effort right now. it's going back into the dark endless drawer. this yarn, me... we need a little space.


Blogger Rhonda said...

What do you think of this sock, christine for this yarn?
Might be much happier with the results.

11:11 AM  

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