Friday, January 20, 2006

now that i no longer have conflict of interest, i can now freely blog my thoughts regarding my unabashedly obsessive relationship with project runway! :)

knowing dirty diana (i can vouch for her clubbin' skillz), her concepts made a lot of sense to me: her choice of lasercut-like materials, the goddess collection's cybergothic roots, the convertible clothing. i am *all about* her hoodie for the barbie challenge. le sigh. regardless of the show, i am sure she will go very far with her design vision. if you're in the area, see diana eng + other fab designers present their work in the seamless fashion show in two weeks in boston. get your tix quickly because it's going to sell out superfast!

but now, though it is sad knowledge that she won't be showing her designs at fashion week, watching the show has now morphed into pure guilty pleasure. :) i am rooting for 'uncle' nick, because he's the perfect combination of fresh talent, cheeky wit, and understated tact, and hope that santino eats crow (from the feathers of his last dress, preferably) very very soon.

here's a pic from a jaunt in LA last year, with diana and the none-other-than daniel franco!

we ate sandwiches and cheeseballs and cruised the streets in his 3-people-squeezed-into-a-sized-for-2 car. red, of course. he was very gracious, but unfortunately was limping from a yoga mishap. hope next time i'm in LA, i'll be able to visit his studio and see his collection up close! woo. woo.


Blogger Record Organism said...

thanks for adding the wishlist and the info on the stuff you like! It makes things super much easier. Your knitting looks great and it sounds like you've got a pretty cool thing going on. Keep Knitting!


7:02 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

project runway is my dirty little obsession. it's addictive to watch and honestly, there's a lot of design that I quite like.

I was kinda bummed when Daniel Franco was cut early (I was kind of rooting for him damn it). The man has a definite talent and I hope to see him succeed. I'm almost jealous you got to meet Daniel f2f, though not being one quite up to par with fashion design, I think such an encounter for me would be odd.

I also took to the majority of the creations from Chloe and Diana, but I don't quite have the vocabulary appropriate (ya know, like you do) to express exactly why.

As for Santino, he's a holy-than-thou prick, but it's... entertaining have him still in the running! He misses the mark, but to me at least, he is the epitome of a fashion designer: arrogant, selfish, a "F*** the world, I'll do it my way" attitude to boot! Tell me I'm wrong.

3:52 AM  

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