Monday, August 08, 2005

oh yes, never to forget, i have a thousand blog-entry-worths of verbiage in regard to the siggraph cyberfashion show from last week, but if you're unaware, here's the coverage:

  • the listing of some model names are a nice touch
  • NPR
  • don't forget to listen to the audio clip, it's priceless
  • engadget
  • where "it's japanese..." once again answers the question "what? why?"
  • boingboing
  • good democratic blog-esque coverage
  • jonah's coin-operated
  • yes! reference to the matrix zion party!
  • feature on the japanese reporter coat (pink!)
for some background info, read:
  • NBC
  • lists and explains some of the works
  • CYFASH via psymbiote
  • with pics and links
in the interest of time and decorum, i shall let the pictures speak for themselves. however, i must say it was useful in putting a clearer perspective on seamless and 21f within the current clothing-technology realm. very useful.


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