Tuesday, July 19, 2005

it's a good day on wmmna.

r�gine contacted me today about the mollycoddle dress, and of of course i was happy to divulge for wmmna. she must get a total kick out of scouring media lab / nyu itp / ivrea / rca / ... websites on a regular basis. she was a recent guest editor on gizmodo, and i'm so happy to see some semblance of playful femininity on that blog which often veers toward the interminably geeky. there's also a picture of her, goddess of cool tech blogging! yay, she looks very happy.

also, i am really loving this: KnitWit by rebecca spender. a wireless stitch and row counter. i can see how this can be super useful for endless stretches of stockinette. knit and purl motions could be easily trained as they're so repetitive and constant in movement. however, what about SSK? or YO? i bet short-row shapings really short-circuit the KnitWit. heehee.

i wonder if they're lightweight, since it looks like the sensors are at the ends of the needles, where it has highest torque. i like the form factor, if i'm correct in guessing the needles sit tidily in the base when you're not knitting (yeah, what a concept). what am i saying... i just really want a pair. :)

other fun knitting-related posts on wmmna:
you could spend a week combing through the gems in wmmna wearables. thanks so much for making the world a brighter and happier place, régine!


Blogger Kat with a K said...

The wireless stitch/row counter sounds like a nifty idea, but I'm not totally convinced it would work well, especially for lace or cable knitting. Hmm. But still, very cool!

Kat with a K

2:13 PM  

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