Saturday, June 25, 2005

wow, we're really on the radar now.

a really great article about the seamless fashion show was published in thursday's (june 23, 2005) edition of the boston globe, arts/living section, featured in THE LOOK column. yay for many reasons:

(1) there was obvious research by the reporter on the history and people of clothing technology at MIT and beyond. go maggie! go joey! go megan!

(2) the photograph spread was excellent! a definite relief after suffering the indignity of the horrid online slideshow in the business/technology section. lesson learned: never trust online media entirely.

(3) except for trivial errors (i.e. the FATJAB isn't a mask exactly), the voice and details of the article were right on to what we intended for the show. no gimmicky 'oooh, mit is trying to be fashionable!' or 'let's get cyborg!' slants at all. kudos to emily sweeney for intelligent writing within the proper context.

i'm very pleased.


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