Thursday, April 04, 2002


so i finally got my blogger config'd, styled, and ready for show! i'm quite
excited to have a straightforward method to express my thoughts, dreams,
news, and cmliu-relevant (or irrelevant, actually) issues with ease,
convenience, and versatility. Actually, I'm in the alpha lab right now (on
the unix machines) and the blog i wrote two minutes ago just got
unintentionally erased because i resized the netscape window and it
apparently refreshed the page, erasing all the text i typed in the form box.
oops. i'll have to keep that in mind. anyway, as i was saying, blogger is
great because i dont have to deal the messy archiving business, and it's a
lot better than getting drowned in the sea of endless tags in a tired, yet
trusty, windows notepad text editor. by getting my nose out of hard code,
it's mere reassurance that i'm surfacing, finally. :) although, just for
paranoia's sake, i'm going to hang onto my snorkel... for html emergencies,
or maybe just for bermuda... pink sand, indeed.

too bad i have section in 15 minutes... i wish i could type all day. alas.
well, i'll have plenty of time to keep this up if i choose half an hour each
day to spill what's on my mind. this afternoon i'm going into fleming
printers to put in the order for the next batch of HRO posters... i'm really
proud of the design i whipped up this week. as i was daydazing in rehearsal
i got the vision for some kinda of old-fashioned, yet funky, effect with the
poster. i'll post the design sometime soon, as well as my day-glo (my
nickname is chartreuse. not really.) poster from the last concert. no one
can deny that they were eye-catching! heehee. posters are great because
you get such an incredibly vast audience for your work (even through the
lamentable act of tearing them down). well, paper is vulnerable, but ideas
are impervious. how beautiful is that...


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