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Monday, December 31, 2007

i look to my right and 2008 is right there, waiting patiently.

and in terms of blogging, ever so.

but there i was in the early bits of the year, whisked into the spectacular world of (gasp) writing for living and finding myself with less and less time to type for myself rather than for research, clips, articles, reviews. that was the logic, anyway; when i was a student, blogging was excellent thesis procrastination (especially if it had to do with shoes, all things kawaii, or cashmere). now i stand, dazed, in the midst of a life that i only once dreamt, writing about fashion, food, and culture around the clock. i couldn't ask for anything more from 2007.

(except perhaps meeting the one who makes me smile everyday. that was a bonus.)

december leaves us in the fleeting wake of warm memories. surprises at the radio station. belting out our best at karaoke. petting cats. sipping belle de brillet. playing fashion police on a back bay balcony. late nights in central square and finding ourselves once again at green street grill. gear wenching and people watching. lazy afternoons at minot beach. disassembling an ikea wardrobe and other heavy-lifting activities. harassing the people and pets at stel's. ice cream despite the tears. stupid sneakers. dj dunkies.

and the holidays mean looking like this on the outside

yet feeling this way on the inside :)

i'm already happy, healthy (thanks girls) and always up for an adventure. yet as resolutions go, here's to better writing (online and otherwise), better loving, and altogether trusting myself to do anything i put my mind to.

happy liu year's, everyone.

christine's writing clips

Sunday, December 30, 2007

*UPDATED DEC 18, 2008*

the ongoing list of web-accessible writing clips by christine liu:

2008.12.18 the sweet smell of success
2008.10.23 plume crazy [+ photo gallery]
2008.09.18 he's got you covered, from '80s fashion to '60s music to film: shawn cotter, trendsetter
2008.07.31 at vegas expo, it's shoetime
2008.07.10 ramped up, decked out, ready to roll: john nichols, trendsetter
2008.07.10 pampering your pets in style [+ photo gallery]
2008.06.26 this summer, go posh or penny-wise
2007.12.27 unique couture is a call to auction [+ photo gallery]

2008.12.08 give paws: 2008 winter pet guide
2008.12.05 ray of light: munstre lightboxes
2008.11.17 knit picking: lara kazan sweaters
2008.11.07 milking it: cafe fixe coffeehouse opens
2008.11.03 the crying game: crocodile tears jewelry
2008.10.29 queen bee: design hive market starts saturday
2008.10.24 she's crafty: bead + fiber: gallery and craft shop opens
2008.10.17 get a round: circle restaurant opens
2008.10.16 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.10.10 get your jollies: jollybike dutch bicycles
2008.10.06 fine herbs: erbaluce restaurant opens
2008.10.02 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.09.30 soap opera: stella marie soap company
2008.09.23 i'll be damed: dame vintage fitting and styling
2008.09.22 in distress: prps jeans for girls
2008.09.19 victorian secret: lauren blais jewelry
2008.09.04 writing on the wall: chalk home gallery-cum-store opens
2008.08.27 about time: circa vintage store opens
2008.08.14 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.07.18 pint size: the beer garden at charlie's kitchen opens
2008.07.15 feed your mind, and the rest will follow: market in the square food store opens
2008.07.14 hot flash: p.m.s. dj nights at good life
2008.07.01 your dogs are barkin': espeso pet boutique opens
2008.06.11 hamming it up: estragon opens
2008.06.02 tripping the light with plastic: tupp-a-lamps
2008.05.27 you frontin'?: front home store opens
2008.05.05 get the thrift: the alter eco consignment boutique opens
2008.05.02 money in the bank: claw money tank tops
2008.04.30 beer and now: publick house provisions opens
2008.04.15 cheap date: ten deals for $10 (sourcing credit)
2008.04.02 independent day: oak craft boutique opens
2008.03.31 choc-a-bloc: aroa fine chocolate opens
2008.03.28 brewed awakening: timeless teas seminars
2008.03.12 wilde childe: feral childe
2008.02.22 sweet breads: citrio catering & provisions co. opens
2008.02.15 i came, i raw, i conquered: grezzo opens
2008.02.13 kick it: concepts opens
2008.01.30 beauty and the geek: seamless computational couture
2008.01.07 hey, neighbor: highland kitchen
2007.12.12 animal crackers: a pet ahead
2007.11.27 shabby chic: vintage pillows by hudson
2007.11.26 on a french roll: la voile opens
2007.11.21 sharper image: 379 club
2007.11.12 it's in the male: robert geller
2007.11.05 footloose and fancy free: quoddy trail footwear
2007.11.02 twice as nice: michelle willey and vessels gallery
2007.10.19 say your prayers: church opens
2007.10.09 teas me: 2nd cup cafe opens
2007.10.03 great finnish: samu-jussi koski at marimekko
2007.10.02 put it on ice: icelandic foods hit boston
2007.09.18 just the artifacts: reliquiae
2007.08.13 do the math: davis squared boutique
2007.08.06 snack that: fun food snackery

2008.03 Afternoon Delights: Skip tired sandwich platters in favor of inspired in-office sustenance from these full-service caterers
2008.02 Raising the Wine Bar: The Other Side Café creates a vino list with a conscience

2008.05 Beer Wares: Fiscalini Farmstead Hopscotch Scotch Ale Cheddar, Bass Brolly, 300 Bears to Try Before You Die! by Roger Protz
2008.04 Beer Wares: Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream; The Book of Beer Knowledge: Essential Wisdom for the Discerning Beer Drinker by Jeff Evans; Glasi Hergiswil Pilsner Glass
2008.03 Beer Wares: Grape vs. Grain by Charles Bamforth, Zen and the Art of Cooking Beer-Can Chicken by Cary Black, Keg Stool
2008.02 Beer Wares: Official Beer Glove, The Best of American Beer & Food: Pairing & Cooking with Craft Beer by Lucy Saunders, The Cure: the After-Drinking Drink
2007.12 Beer Wares: BACTRACK Breathalyzer, Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, Beer Mug Candles
2007.11 Beer Wares: The Perfect Beaker, Geeky Tees, Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap
2007.10 Beer Wares: Widmer Brothers online games, LittleEarth beer cap belts, Louis Pasteur's Studies on Fermentation
2007.09 Beer Wares: The Beerbelly, Arrive Alive, Bottle Popper

2008.12.03 [feature] Kiddie Kroakers: The 16th Annual Dangerous Toys List
2008.11.26 [eats] Rachel Klein: Your job's to eat. Her job? Way harder.
2008.11.19 [eats] DIY Thanksgiving: These personal chefs advise beyond cranberry-in-a-can
2008.11.12 [feature] Dig This! Awards 2008: Bombs away!
2008.11.12 [eats] Squirts till the dirts: School gardens flourish through CitySprouts
2008.11.12 [words] French Milk: by Lucy Knisley
2008.11.05 [words] Andrew Rimas: Does have a cow, man
2008.10.22 [eats] Tavolo: Where Nonna's kitchen meets fabulous warm-fuzzy
2008.10.15 [eats] Dinner and a move: Snack before shimmying
2008.10.15 [feature] Kyle Brandse: Gets awesome (fall club guide)
2008.10.08 [eats] Team orts: Beyond chips and Cracker Jack
2008.09.17 [eats] Like a shot to the heart: Hunters and gatherers, it's time to eat (fall dining guide)
2008.09.10 [eats] It's the great pumpkin!: A zillion renditions of fall's favorite gourd
2008.09.03 [news] The unofficial 2008 college handbook: how, where and wtf: How to buy
2008.09.03 [eats] The Boston burrito index: little donkeys everywhere!
2008.08.20 [style] The new adventures of flashion: Heroic dress cues (fall fashion guide)
2008.08.13 [style] Sock it to me: Jan Willett helms the zoo at MonkeyShineStudio
2008.07.30 [style] Artifaktori: We've got it made
2008.07.23 [feature] Good Bostonians: Mimi Graney, Margaret Williams
2008.07.23 [eats] Dinner and a movie: Film nights at the bar make for eat-in theater
2008.07.09 [style] Bag that thang up: Carry on, carry on
2008.07.09 [eats] Scampo: Shire raises the bar -- incidentally, behind them
2008.07.09 [feature] Summer travel: staycation! Wish you were here -- oh, wait. You are.
2008.06.25 [eats] Aye aye, kernel!: Veg out and meat up with the Dig's summer dining guide
2008.06.18 [style] Suneri Boutique: Local booty of global beauty
2008.06.11 [commerce] Latex loves: Global Protection keeps you covered
2008.06.04 [style] Hear, hear! Block your drums from the sound and the fury
2008.06.04 [green] A roots touch-up: Gearing up for Bikes Not Bombs' annual fest
2008.06.04 [eats] A filling with the Toothaches: Pop band's dinner proves anti-scurvy, anti-scrawny
2008.05.28 [commerce] Of graphic nature: Drawing mass appeal at Hub Comics
2008.05.21 [style] Sugar hi: Futzing with ice cream makes us melt
2008.05.21 [summer preview] Get wet! 50 fluid-inspired summer fun activities
2008.05.14 [green] Bicycle Benefits: Pedal your way to awesome free stuff
2008.05.14 [eats] Hungry Mother: Open wide for an uncanny spunk du Sud
2008.05.07 [commerce] Holy spokes: Freewheelin' with the Dutch Bicycle Company
2008.05.07 [shop] Felix Doolittle: Throw out your toaster oven: Fu's illustrated papers warm hearts faster
2008.05.07 [drinks] Boston shakers: Toasting the broads of LUPEC
2008.04.30 [shop] Smells like Tom of Finland: Homoerotica in a bottle at Motley
2008.04.30 [green] To Market, To Market: Nose-to-nose with the source at Vela
2008.04.30 [defyo] Defend Yourself! Katy Childs, co-owner of Silvertone
2008.04.23 [profile] Meating—he's doinitrite: Chewing the fat with Kevin Healy
2008.04.23 [green] Haley House Bakery Cafe: Fortifyng teh city, one muffin @ a tiem
2008.04.23 [eats] I can has cheezburger?: Hunger. I has it.
2008.04.16 [style] The Youthful Stylings of Kooter Brown: Don't worry—it'll only shirt a little
2008.04.16 [shop] Shake the Tree: Goodies staple replants in North End
2008.04.16 [eats] Winging it: Four fixes for the chicken-lickin' craving
2008.04.02 [letter] Dear Reader: Letter from the editor
2008.04.02 [feature] The Boston cocktail party: New England lore deserves a tipple or two
2008.04.02 [style] Oak, aye! Handiwork gets a home at Back Bay boutique
2008.04.02 [shop] Brix on Broad: Message in the bottles
2008.04.02 [green] Join the Soda-Club: It's time to get a little gassy
2008.04.02 [eats] Face time: When the going gets rough, the rough eat at the bar
2008.04.02 [drinks] Brains: shaken, stirred
2008.03.26 [style] Cocoa channel: Aroa Fine Chocolate arrives
2008.03.26 [shop] Heavy metal: Bicoastal jewelry rocks out at Topaz
2008.03.26 [green] Party poop: Natural fertilizer Wormjava starts from the ground up
2008.03.19 [style] Curtain call: The dying art of the photo booth
2008.03.19 [shop] Scrubya: Suds for your Bush
2008.03.19 [eats] Lost in Austin: A tiny taste of Texas mess
2008.03.19 [drinks] Chillin' like a Brazilian: Cachaça brightens any day
2008.03.12 [drinks feature] Sibling Rivalry: 5 drink minimum
2008.03.12 [style] Up in smoke: Cancer sticks get a whole lot sweeter
2008.03.12 [green] tranSglass: Hope in a bottle
2008.03.12 [eats] Vee Vee: The fresh, friendly bee's knees in JP
2008.03.12 [music] Mia Doi Todd: Contextual healing
2008.03.05 [style] Shoetube: Oh, my God, shoes.
2008.03.05 [shop] Moore Massage: The knead for speed
2008.03.05 [green] Green house effect: The walls have cheers
2008.02.27 [shop] In the fold: Paper gets props for leap day
2008.02.27 [green] Truth and beauty: Slather like it matters
2008.02.20 [letter] Dear Reader: Letter from the editor
2008.02.20 [style] Tipping our hats: The Dig flips its lid on spring style
2008.02.13 [style] ScientificMatch: Smellementary, my dear
2008.02.13 [eats] An Offal Romance: Love with all of your heart, tongue, tripe ...
2008.02.13 [drinks] Aphrodrinksiacs
2008.02.06 [style] Snowboarder Patrol: Dope on a slope
2008.02.06 [eats] Dim Sum Death Match: Last bun standing
2008.01.30 [style] Sunshine in a Box: Conquer bi-solar disorder
2008.01.30 [dvds] Indoor funtime: Ten TV-On-DVD Boxes for Cabin Fever
2008.01.23 [style] Make Me Sustainable: Saving the earth one pixel at a time
2008.01.16 [style] A Fine Piece of Workout: Snap into a slim gym
2008.01.16 [feature] Sweat Dreams: Four fitness formulas designed to swiftly kick your ass
2008.01.09 [style] Boston Coasters: See the city differently... like under your beer
2008.01.09 [eats] Highland Kitchen: Gastropub oozes comfort all over
2007.12.26 [style] Brush Up: It’s time for a change—no really, it is
2007.12.26 [eats] Super Bowls: Use your noodle wisely
2007.12.26 [eats] Eating New Year’s Eve: Plethora of prix-fixe parties
2007.12.26 [drinks] Grape Expectations: Wine down with The Second Glass
2007.12.19 [eats] Haru Sushi: Stylish bites sometimes worth battling yuppies over
2007.12.12 [style] Jeffrey Fournier: Please don't eat the art
2007.12.12 [eats] South End, Morning After: The lust for butter is no more apparent
2007.12.12 [arts] Zhang Daqian: Homeboy is dishonest, though redeemably so
2007.12.05 [style] Coat of Arms: And other body parts you’d prefer to keep warm
2007.12.05 [drinks] Dante: It’s gettin’ hot in here
2007.12.05 [def yo] John McCrea of Cake
2007.12.05 [dvds] Holiday Unclassics: Muppet Christmas Carol
2007.11.28 [commerce] Like Father, Like Surger: Guinness goes new-fangled for an old-school pour
2007.11.21 [commerce feature] Gift Guide: under $25, $25-50, $50-100, $100-200, $200-500, over $500
2007.11.14 [eats feature] Throw Down a Happy Holiday: Unleash the party, animals
2007.11.07 [style] Off the Map: Be slightly less likely to get lost
2007.11.07 [eats] Eastern Not So Standard: An offal experience with Chef Marco Suarez
2007.11.07 [arts] Félix González-Torres: A gold-flecked fantasy of oceanic candy
2007.10.31 [style] Brother Cleve: Philosophically inclined to dance, discover and drink well
2007.10.31 [drinks feature] Church: 5 drink minimum
2007.10.31 [dvds] Ratatouille: Cooking digital rodents
2007.10.24 [style] Art Flambée: Wads of wax to light up your life
2007.10.24 [def yo] Dominique Keegan of The Glass
2007.10.24 [dvds] Casshern: Myopic dystopia
2007.10.17 [commerce] Ca$hing in on AuctionPAL: Selling your shit online just got a little easier
2007.10.17 [words] Andreas Viestad: Stomachs summoned by the spice whisperer
2007.10.10 [style] Barbershoppin': That razor's real sharp, son
2007.10.10 [eats] Mission: Imbibable: Three nights of flights for the wine-drinking ninja
2007.10.03 [eats feature] An Edible Compendium from A to Z: 'Tis not a curse, to bestow in verse
2007.09.26 [style] Tobias Wong: Helping art lovers shit glitter since 1998
2007.09.26 [eats] The Savant Project: Thoughtful, earnest food is a no-brainer
2007.09.19 [eats] Fall Eats + Drinks: Stuff yourself with restaurant influx
2007.09.19 [arts] Fall Arts: Get cozy with culture
2007.09.12 [eats] Christopher Myers: On blogs, crazed Asians and noisy, noisy nights
2007.09.12 [drinks] Lycheers! Rethinking the pink drink
2007.09.05 [style] Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Adjust your glasses
2007.09.05 [feature] MIT: schooled
2007.09.05 [feature] The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts: Plan B!
2007.09.05 [eats] The Boston Slice Index: Gooey slivers of love courtesy of your local pizza joint
2007.09.05 [arts] MIT's Student Loan Art Program: Sure beats that Belushi poster
2007.08.29 [drinks] 100% Organic Spirits: Getting buzzed the way nature intended
2007.08.22 [commerce] Jana Eggers: Spreadshirt CEO, triathlete and big-time geek
2007.08.22 [eats] Grilled Sandwiches: Toast just done went and grew up
2007.08.15 [style feature] Fall Style Guide: Because naked is so last season
2007.08.08 [style] Pick-up Sticks: Your ramen doesn't stand a chance
2007.08.08 [feature] Ilene Bezahler: Owner, publisher and editor of Edible Boston
2007.08.08 [feature] Misty Kalkofen: Bar manager at Green Street Grill
2007.08.08 [drinks] Beer Cocktails: Experience a brewed awakening
2007.08.01 [style] Lookin' Good: Blind and def
2007.08.01 [eats] Fermented Foods: Work that tang like it ain’t no thang
2007.08.01 [music] Booka Shade: Make requests at your own peril
2007.07.25 [style] It's Raining (meh): When God cries, you won’t
2007.07.25 [music] DJ /rupture: Your booty is on his to-do list
2007.07.18 [drinks] The Tease of Riesling: No mo’ hatin’ on this grape

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